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About Us

BlueStar's team of experienced developers have been producing high quality web sites and systems since 2006.  With decades of combined experience in software and web development we can produce work that stands out from our competitors.

"What makes BlueStar different?"
have always had a clear goal; provide high quality productive software and professional websites that work for companies across the east midlands and around the UK. Our development team have been dedicated to providing these services for over 6 years delivering countless invaluable solutions to our clients, no matter how impossible the task may seem. Our unwritten motto says it all, when it comes to online software, if you can think of it, we can make it happen. We love making your ideas a reality whether it be to improve an aspect of your business, increase the visitors your website receives or make your working day easier and more productive, BlueStar can make it happen.

Experience and Credibility
BlueStar have been developing bespoke software solutions since 2006.  We have learned what makes a business successful, what works and what doesn't.  We have the skills to deliver and are backed by professional indemnity insurance for piece of mind.

“What can BlueStar do for me?”
We specialise in bespoke content management systems, ecommerce website production and organic search engine optimisation using the most advanced development tools to produce a quality professionally developed piece of software that will work with your business flawlessly. Because it’s bespoke, it can simply change with your business, lifting any limits that an off the shelf solution would present. Not only that, a bespoke product will guarantee that you use 100% of it’s features and benefits, unlike a ‘one size fits all’ solution which might see you using only 10% but still paying 100% of the price.

BlueStar vs. the world
As a company, we value working relationships. We love having you over to our offices to meet the team and chat about your ideas. We like to offer a personal touch that you just don’t get when outsourcing your development to other countries. A dedicated team is ready to answer any queries or questions you might have without long hold periods or drawn out emails bouncing around. When having anything done that will influence the future of your company, we recognise that peace of mind is the key aspect to a smooth working relationship; BlueStar will guarantee satisfaction at every stage of your development.

BlueStar are web designers and software developers based just outside Nottingham within easy reach of the M1.

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