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API and Integration

API DiagramAPIs (Application Program Interfaces) allow you to link your software or website to other data providers such as Sage Cloud Accounting, Xero or Quickbooks as well as providers such as Mailchimp, WordPress, Microsoft 365 and many more.

Using an API allows you to have secure and seamless integration of the data held by your providers to use in your software.  In addition the data from your software can can be sent to your provider through the API.

What this means in real terms is that you can send invoices created in your software or website straight into your accounting software with no rekeying and no need to run an import process.  It can all happen automatically saving you a considerable amount of administrative time.

Here are some other examples of APIs that you can integrate with:

  • Payment Card Services - Accept Card Payments
  • Mapping such as Google Maps - Create Mapping Applications that integrate with your data.
  • Sales Platforms such as Just Eat, Deliveroo, eBay - Take Orders from these platforms.
  • Warehouse Management Systems and ERP- Pull in or send data to other systems
  • SMS Messaging Systems - Send SMS updates for orders etc.
  • WordPress/Website - Send your products to your website, no need to rekey!

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