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Why Use Bespoke Software?

If you are running a business, you may be using applications such as Microsoft Word, Outlook and Excel for your day to day admin tasks. for example: Calendars, Stock Lists, Quotes, Contact Lists etc.  These applications are easy to setup and will improve your efficiency over paper/manual systems.  You can store commonly used templates in Word and you can easily produce lists or calculations in Excel which all sounds good but is it efficient?

These applications are stand-alone.  Data is input into one and then input into the other.  For instance your sales data could be put into Excel from your accounting system and summarised. 

The problem is that the data is disparate and doesn't flow between the different parts of the business.  The applications don't talk to each other properly preventing the flow of information.  They can't provide email reminders or produce a report for you on the fly from your current data.

Here are some benefits of having bespoke software developed for your business:

  • The software will work around your business processes and work flow. 
  • Every business is different and has different tasks and processes, so the route to efficiency is to have software developed around your business rather than trying to fit your business processes around the software. 
  • Data duplication and rekeying is eliminated saving you time and money. 
  • Reports may be produced instantly using real-time data without having to manually paste or re-key data.    
  • Reminders and prompts can all be automated so you never forget to do something. 

Having a bespoke software system developed for your business isn't as expensive as you may think and it will repay itself quicker than you can imagine.

To find out more get in touch with us today and improve your business efficiency.

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