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Software for Small Businesses

Many small businesses can’t afford the luxury of having bespoke written for them, but we’ve spent many years designing and developing software for larger companies, so we decided to development some customisable software that will work for many small companies for a low monthly cost. 

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The software is completely browser based and is Software as a Service.  It links with Sage, Xero or Quickbooks if required so you can send your invoices directly into your accounts software.

We provide full support and assistance to keep your software running.

The software will be available soon.  Please get in touch if you want to be added to the waiting list (no obligation).

Main Modules

Store all contact information and interactions with contacts. Mail merge to PDF for easy printing of mailers.

Sales Leads/Opportunities
Never miss an opportunity by storing your leads in one place with reminders and follow up facilities.

To Do/Action Lists
Organize calls, emails and follow ups with contacts.

Store Company information and group contacts.

Create Interactive Calendars for follow ups and appointments.

Quickly create quotes for products and/or services and print or email them to your contact.

Store comprehensive information on Products and/or services add them to quotes, sales orders or invoices. 

Sales Orders/Jobs/Works Orders/Projects
Control your workflow whether your are selling products or services or even on a time and materials basis.  Create invoices directly from a sales order.

Sales Invoices
Easily create invoices from quotes, sales orders/job and export them to your accounting software.

Recurring/Regular Billings
If you have regular invoices to send each month or year for service contracts or services then we have our Billing module so you can automatically create and send invoices to customers/clients.

Issue Tracker
The Issue Tracker allows you to manage support incidents or interactions with customers is they have an issue.

Time Tracking
Track time spent against jobs or projects and then optionally invoice the time spent at the correct rate for the user.

Team Access and Control
Control what modules team members can access with the multi-level hierachy.

Asset Manager
Control where your assets are and ensure they are calibrated for PAT testing or other calibration, if required.  Store certificates or other files such as instruction manuals against assets

Service and Repair
This is a specialist module designed for businesses that repair items of equipment and/or schedule visits sites to make repairs.  Create invoices for the parts and labour used.



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