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Innovative Digital Printing Solutions

PDFBlueStar are about to launch their latest digital printing solution for one of their clients. The solution will allow them manage their website and printed datasheets from a single location.

Product information is continually changing and the client needed a solution to ensure that their product data was updated from a single point. Previously they stored copies of document locally and then had to amend the website which was time consuming and prone to error. 

Now the content is now held on the website and PDF documents are produced directly from the web content.  This ensures that the data is current and accurate.

Other innovative features of the new website system include:

  • an email campaign manager which allows email to be designed and delivered directly from their website.  This includes tracking of number of emails sent and numbers opened so they can measure the campaigns effectiveness.
  • Import and Export of contacts using copy and paste or CSV files.
  • a mail merge facility so letters can be generated from the same mailing list into a PDF and then printed and mailed by post to new potential clients.

To find out more about BlueStar's innovative web and digital printing call us on 0115 871 3111


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