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4 Signs of Inefficient Systems

Are your systems as efficient as they could be?

  1. You are re-keying data between different software systems.
    Re-keying data is a clear indicator that you are wasting valuable time because you are using disparate systems that don't talk to each other.  Information should flow from start to finish with no re-keying of data.
  2. You Are Using Excel as Part of Your System!
    Excel does have it's uses.  It's great for lists and column calculations but it's difficult to get Excel to provide a complete solution for any business process. It lets you type in anything, anywhere and doesn't lend itself to and end-to-end business solution.
  3. You Have Labour Intensive Processes.
    Maybe you have a complex wages calculation that takes hours to complete or other repetitive calculations.  An efficient software system should do all of the hard work for you.
  4. You Can't Find Key Information
    You should be able to find key information quickly.  If not then your system isn't efficient.  Reports should be able to give you vital information instantly such as KPI or Profit and Loss information.

In order to be competitive, your business systems must be efficient.  If you are re-keying data into different applications then this is wasting valuable time that could be spent more productively.


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