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Web Based Software Development

Web based software is designed to operate through a browser just like a website.  Some of the advantages are shown below:

  • You don't need to install the software on every PC that needs access to it.  This makes implemtation much easier than installed software.  When updates are made they are instant and don't require a software upgrade or re-installation.
  • The software will run on more devices such as tablets and smartphones as well as PCs, Macs,Laptops etc.
  • You don't need a VPN connection to access it so it is much easier to set up for remote workers. You can access it from anywhere in the world with a web connection.
  • lower processsing requirements of clients/devices accesssing the application.
  • Web applications are easily expandable to change as your business changes.
  • Provide a consistant and familiar user interface.
  • It's easier to scale up web based applications as capacity increases and your business grows.

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