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What is the difference between cheap hosting and business class hosting?

If you think the only difference between cheap hosting and business class hosting is price then you are being misled.  We have many years experience of hosting both as a customer and a supplier.  We've tried cheap hosting ourselves and seen what it's like at first hand.

If you host your website on a cheap hosting package then you'll be sharing your website with hundreds if not thousands of other websites.  If you are lucky and all the other websites are low traffic websites then your performance will be average at best.  Google measures download speed so if your site doesn't perform well then this will be reflected in Google's search results.  BlueStar restrict the number of websites on each server to 100 so performance is never an issue.  We monitor all websites 24 hours a day 7 days a week and in the event of a problem our support staff will quickly investigate and resolve problems.

Another factor to consider is security.  If the other websites on the server are using scripting, which most do these days, then you are at more risk of another site getting hacked if the developers aren't security savvy.  This can then lead to your own site being hacked.  BlueStar only host their own websites or carefully checked third party websites and we take security very seriously. We monitor malicious web requests and we can block IP addresses on the firewall to prevent hacking or denial of service attacks.

On a shared hosting package you are usually restricted to getting what the hosting provider sets up for you.  At BlueStar we are more flexible and can set up your website hosting exactly as you require. 


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