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What is an SSL and How Can it Help My Website?

An SSL secures connections from your website to the user's web browser and vice versa.

What this means is that any data the user (or website) sends is encrypted or made into a non readable format. This protects any confidential information sent between the server and the browser so you know your information is being transmitted in a safe way and won't be compromised along the route.

First a CSR or Certificate Signing Request is generated on the web server. This consists of a special text file which is then sent to the certificate supplier along with information about the organisation and website. Once the SSL has been approved it is sent back with the completed SSL which is then installed on the web server. This then allows connections through the https:// protocol.

The SSL itself consists of a special text file which is issued by the certificate authority. The SSL needs to be renewed on a regular basis normally between 1 and 5 years.

The Benefits of using an SSL

  • The first benefit is security of information between your website and users e.g. when filoling on contacts forms.
  • A secondary benefit is that you can increase your ranking on Google and other search engines.
  • Many web browsers are now preventing users from viewing websites which don't have an SSL installed.

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