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What is HTML?

HTML is HyperText Markup Language.  It is used when building websites to describe (to the web browser) pages of websites along with CSS (cascading stylesheets) which provide the layout of elements on the page.  HTML is a collection of tags e.g.

This is Bold text.

The example above would display: This is Bold text.

A simple HTML page will contain the following tags:

Anything shown here is shown in the webpage!


You can view the HTML in this or any web page by viewing the source.  Right click and View Page Source works on most browsers.

As you will see the tags normally have an opening tag and a closing tag. There are exceptions such as
which causes a line break in the text.

There are quite a few HTML tags that can be used on web pages.  Some are shown below:

The HTML below will create a hyperlink to the BlueStar website 
This Links To BlueStar

The example below will show a paragraph of text with carriage returns after it.

This is a paragraph of text


Below are some HTML tags used when building tables

Column 1 - Row 1 Column 2 - Row 1
Column 1 - Row 2 Column 2 - Row 3


Which gives us the following:

Column 1 - Row 1 Column 2 - Row 1
Column 1 - Row 2 Column 2 - Row 2

For more information check out which is a great resource for website construction including JavaScript, CSS and server scripting.

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